I love play netball. I used to play for my school and I now play for Ironbank Netball Club. I like to play Goal Keeper, Wing Defence and Goal Defence. My Ironbank team is in the finals and the finals are next week. I have also got into the SAPSASA Netball team for my school.  We have be very successful and we have now got into the 4th round (which is the Semi Finals). If we win against  Yankalilla we are into the GRAND FINAL! I am a bit nervous about both of these finals! I think I will be playing Summer Netball for Woods Panthers this Summer as well.

Junior MasterChef Challenge

In class we are doing Junior MasterChef Challenges. It’s where we get into groups of 4 and we get to choose 2 of out of 3 things to make. These were: entree/small meal, dessert, or a smoothie/drink. These meals had to be slightly healthly too. In my group we chose to do an entree/small meal and a dessert.

Last Friday we made Sushi as part of our entree/small meal. We had an hour and a half to create and make our Sushi and have a tidy bench/table. We made Sushi with tuna, Sushi with teriyaki chicken and a vegetarian one as well. We worked well as a team, but the only thing that troubled us was the rice that wouldn’t cook fast enough in our rice cooker. It looked perfect in the end. Our jugdes were parents and they seemed pretty impressed.

The ingredients we used were:

Nori paper, rice, vegetables (carrot, capsicum, avocado and cucumber), tuna, chicken, teriyaki sauce and soy sauce.

In the next couple of weeks we will make our dessert. We will make a chocolate mousse with strawberries and bananas dipped in chocolate.

Personal Challenge


This term we have to do a Personal Challenge. This is where we have to create or make something and write a journal. For my Personal Challenge I’m doing a wall art. It is going to be a fish shape and I’m going to collect shells to use as scales. On the weekend I went to Aldinga Beach to collect shells for the challenge. I collected big shells and smaller shells to get a different variety of shells. The diagram above shows what I think it will look like. I’ll show you the finished product when I have completed it.




Plays in Term 2

This term we have the plays. The plays are were each class perform a play to the school and then we have a late night performance for parents. It’s lots of fun. This year our plays called ” If you go down to the woods today”. I’m a child in this play.

Bye for now.


This year will be really cool for me! The exciting and awesome things that will be happening this year are: I get a new teacher, a new art teacher, I will be in year 7, I will get a year 7 t-shirt and jumper with my name on it and it will  my last year of primary school! I can’t wait!

Water VS Gold Poem

In class we are doing projects on “Is water more precious than gold?” and one of our tasks we can do is write a poem. I made a poem about water being more precious than gold. Do you think water is more precious than gold or do you think against it?
I hope you enjoy my poem.

Is Water More Precious Than Gold?

Gold is expensively sold,
But what is more precious than gold,
Water is, it gives all creatures life,
But without it we would all be in strife.

Without water there would be no plants,
And there would be no animals doing chants,
Without either of these alive,
We wouldn’t be able to survive.

Answer the question and be bold,
What is more precious than gold,
Correct water is, now give me a high-five,
Because water keeps us alive.

Who is your hero?

The past couple of weeks we have been talking about heroes and what makes them a hero. After that we had to choose a hero and write a report card about them and do a speach that is 2-3 minutes long. I choose John Flynn. He helped people in the outback that had n0 doctor close by. So he invented the Royal Flying Doctors Service. Examples of other heroes people did: Dian Fossy, Raoul Wallenberg, Nelson Mandala.

Who’s your hero?


How COLD has it been????? It’s FREEZING! I don’t really like winter. Why? Because it’s so COLD! But the thing I do like about winter is that you can stand by an indoor fire and keep warm.

I prefer Spring or Autumn because it’s not too hot or too cold.

What season is your favourite?

Year 6/7 plays

Picture 62

This term (term 2) we have the year 6/7 plays. It’s were all the year 6/7 classes in the school perform a play. I’m in Pam’s class and were performing a play called Cinders which is like Cinderella but it has a twist to it. I am also performing in Mr. Mac’s play because they did not have enough people in there class. In Mr. Mac’s play I’m Lady Muck (a lady in waiting) and in Pam’s play I’m Shifters assistance ( a person that brings on weird things e.g. a beanstalk,

dwarfs ect.).